Product photography$750

  • 80 product pack

Ecommerce website$1200

  • Start selling online

Basic website$500

  • 6 page site with CMS

Graphic design$300

  • Flyers, logos & more


Whether you’re using the internet for business, leisure or personal interests, it is becoming a very diverse and  expansive wonderland,we should know as Air is a part of the Clermont Enterprises group, which owns a number of different sites, ranging from music to film and social networking. So if you’re wondering who you can find that is testing the boundaries of web design and understands the importance of an enjoyable web presence with all the gadgets and creative touches that can make your experience magical, then Air is the right place for you.

Where we can help you! While you make your first contact with us, we would probably ask if you found any web sites online that have appeal to what you would like to achieve for your own, it helps move the web design process along, once we have established what you’re after, then i would go away and design the layout and format of the site. Screen shots are a very handy tool in the web design business, this will help you get a visual of the progress your new site is making and still offer you some choices as to the direction of your final design. If you have not chosen a CMS then you would need to know what pages you need to have and there titles, but also you will need to provide the content for each page, which includes all text and images, this way i can quickly insert the data onto your pages and the site should be ready for your audience to enjoy.


We would like to first talk about the needs, requirements and purpose of the site, and then discuss your services and how you plan to market yourself. It is because of these reasons that we encourage clients to seriously consider a site that’s optimized to the best of its ability without any unnecessary technologies, that could leave you behind the pack. But we also understand that everybody has individual tastes and requirements, so at the end of the day we can only advise but the end decision is yours.