Air website design was started purely from a business perspective, Jack recognized the need to develop skills in this area in order to manage his own business interests better. Furthermore he realised the only way to keep informed of changing technologies on the web would involve becoming a contributor, so that encouraged him to take further studies in dynamic web design, and as his knowledge grew in this area he decided it was time to start his own development and design business.


We would like to grow more on an international level – i can see where this can be a little scary from a clients perspective, but i work with programmers from all over the world and would like to see clients embrace this idea also, briefings can be achived through detailed scopes and a telephone call to concrete the plan.

Regarding the changing face of internet technology, there’s always new angles to take on representing information, we urge you to explore these and show us, once the base is implemented, small touch ups and ad ons can really give your site some life. We think the little touches should be explored and can be taken care of at any time.


Air frequently networks with other programmers and creatives to give clients what they ask for. We have accomplished many special works through this process. Rest assured we can give you everything you need, all you have to do is ask.


Jack Clermont – Technologies experience – html/css, php, mysql, javascript, flash animation, graphic design, seo, media placement, magento e commerce/ joomla/ wordPress/ drupal installation, configeration and creating new themes, very large scale e commerce and commercial site – design process, asses requirements and project management.


I guess i am best described as an explorer of the digital world, i really enjoy learning to harness the complete power of a computer and its strength to be so accurate all the time. The computer and internet combined give us access to un limited resources that we can view or distribute for free mostly, it’s these factors that clearly places the computer at a far more intellectual level. Growing up i liked exploring the outside world and would do that through riding a bike, was quit the enthusiast, and you can do all that exploring with your desktop.